Hey for those of you that live around these areas I found some good news things.

For WQAD in the QC go to www.8onyourcell.com and there will be an image banner for a desktop application for their website.

For Dayton if you go to wap.whiotv.com you can go to videos on demand and those are the same videos that Verizon puts into their get it now news from NewsCenter 7. Also, WDTN has a mobile website that if you go to www.wdtn.com it will just recognize you're in a mobile browser and route you to their crappy WAP site. When I lived in ohio it was channel 7 all the way anyways.

Figured some people would want this info. If you live in a major area post your news site since if you have a bb thru verizon like I do you can't get the get it now stuff!