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Never had may problems with the old version of Slacker. Installed 2.0 on my 8830 ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Never had may problems with the old version of Slacker. Installed 2.0 on my 8830 and it works fine, but keeps crapping out on my bold. Have deleted and installed several times, but same problem.

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    What exactly is it doing on the bold?
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    I have a peral 8130 using os and started with the free version then in a week upgrading to what was it, pro I think then I bought the premium version witch is the 1.1.23 I'm running (I'm going to look into seeing if there is a 2.0 up grade for my phone) and I will say this I had some running around to do to get the premium version,I subscribed to slacker just after release and I upgraded consistently because I never had problems with service. The on line customer service was a help it took me a little bit to get there telephone number at the time witch is 8589435000 they were also a great help with the error I made in double accounts only using one though and I was promptly refunded not billed what ever and I will still be keeping my annual subscription to slacker. I noticed in the app world icon that just showed up out of noware on my phone 2 weeks ago that pandora is getting a 4.5 rating and slacker is at a 4 well whatever they say I don't plan on trying another program application what ever cause slackers the best. Caching does use some memory on your card personally I have an unlimited data plan with Verizon who I feel a little differently about so I don't cache stations really. I did try it out had no problems with it but with Verizon I keep my internet whatever slacker streaming most of the time. I need new music I need sound and the fact that I can get band album reviews plus lyrics unlimited skips finding bands or by song ability to custom current stations or create my own and still create a play list on the pc if I want satisfies this crazy artistic mind of mine. FYI I'm diagnosed with schizophrenic tendencies with add and suicidal ideation so I focus on my painting. But I need my music. So slacker is there. Its easy to use in the car in my studio in my home. Check your firewall settings this can cause it to not function right um try updating your calling range or whatever its called with Verizon its *228. Like I said I've never been disappointed with slacker except with this the band psyclon nine. They don't have em. Some aggrotech music I can't find but that's when youtube comes into play cause I found the missing bands there. Jjddjjd123 my youtube page check out the music. There's like 75 videos right now you'll find psyclon nine ther as well. If any one here that uses pandora tell me do they offer music like this? My pin is 319E1181. I'd like to know out of curiosity. Either way explore a little more you'll usually find human error is there. With this long winded response I'll end with this slack on cause that's where the musics at.
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