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I've been using the MyAlarm program for a few months now and had no problems ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Problem with "MyAlarm" the program.


    I've been using the MyAlarm program for a few months now and had no problems at all with it. About 2 weeks ago it started to act up. I don't know what I did to the phone but things are not going well with the phone.

    The problem is the alarm will go off EVERYDAY at 8am and 12pm even though I have it off. I know that you can preset 6 different alarm, I am have all of them OFF. I also turned off the stock alarm it still goes off at 8am and 12pm.

    Has anyone has this problem?

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    A simple uninstall and reinstall might solve this problem.

    I also know that sometimes my phone will do random things if I don't do a battery pull at least once a day. This clears things out. Also you can hold the bottom left key and type L G L G to go into the log, click menu key> options then click hide all file types. My phone stopped doing random things like loading at random times, make the text message sound with no text and randomly pull up the calendar.

    Hope this works for you BB can be a pain in the butt sometimes.
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