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Okay I dialed that number it gave to setup the call forwarding. Then it said ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Problem Setting Up Callwave....


    Okay I dialed that number it gave to setup the call forwarding. Then it said fill in my cell number under voicemail options whcih I did. It then says to call your cell number and you should hear Callwave instructions. I dont hear any instructions instead I get sent to my Tmobile voicemail. Any ideas what to do?

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    Re: Problem Setting Up Callwave....

    Few things,

    First you are going to have to tell your phone (carrier actually) that you are using
    callwave. This is done with "delayed call forwarding." Typically Call Forwarding is an extra your cell carrier may charge for this feature, Mine charges me 2.95/month. However they take off 9.95/month for me not using their voicemail service. after I got my call forwarding turned on and voice mail turned off, I dialed *73 and the 800 number callwave gave me. Works like a charm! The Vtxt is still a little rough and I have to play a guessing game a bit but it's actually getting better. I will never go back to regular voice mail again. I really enjoy being able to check my mail on the widget that's offered for igoogle, and when they get this Vtxt worked out that will be even better!

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