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5.2 mil... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    5.2 mil


    5.2 mil

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    Tactics ...

    It's relatively easy to get a $20 million score pretty quickly :

    Leave bronx, go elsewhere, then back to Bronx. Ignore the loan shark, but Borrow about $2 million from the bank ( do this by 'depositing' a minus amount) . Buy Coke if it's 20,000 or less and sit on it - jet on to a few more destinations (but NOT bronx) and hope for the mega coke price. If this happens within 6 or 7 destinations with decent (100K plus) price, then go immediately to Bronx and deposit (thats why you steer clear of bronx until you get the big price, so you can't get mugged) your big wedge of cash (pay off the shark as well whilst you're there) . The interest will take it up to 20 mill easily. My highest is 37 million with a day 5 hit with 110 coke at $142,000

    If you want to annow someone with the game on their BB by posting a massive score on it , it's easy to cheat. Repay -999,999,999 twice in a row to the loan shark and you'll end up with 2 billiion cash and the loan shark loan resets to 0.

    A note on the gun : owning a gun doesn't stop you getting bugged, but buying one does. I.E. you never get mugged on the round when you actually buy the gun. so of you have a lot of cash it's worth buying, just for one round of insurance.

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    high scores are

    I had been wondering what other people high scores were.....mine look pretty high compared to what I skimmed through YAY!! I play all the time, and have always used the method of borrowing 1.5-1.75mill from the loan need to borrow 2mill, you just rack up debt too fast.

    I just hit the 54million today so I figured I'd google high scores.

    I hit 60k with coke and 80 units on day 5, then 14k with 110 units of acid like 2 days later, then on day 19 I think, hit 115k with 110 units of Coke..I've played probably 20 times a day for like 2 years and never been able to hit Coke 2 times in one game....awesome

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    Thumbs up My high score

    My 5 high scores (w/o using cheates) is
    Got all these high scores within a couple of days but have since been unable to break any of them.
    My strategy is to start off at the Bronx, and if there is cheap Cocaine, Acid, or Heroine, I take out a loan from the loanshark to purchase as much as possible. I usually end off with around $10 million.

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    Ask via
    This thread brings me back! I used to play this game on my Palm Pilot
    Rich C.
    Twitter me @

    Reinstall Your OS on a Bricked BB Click here

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    I wonder if some of this lot are playing a different version from me, because I played this game hard for a straight year and didn't get scores like that.

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    My updated high scores

    I just broke my high scores.
    I got $122,262,980
    The verification code is EILEGAGKM
    I would enter it on their website but it doesnt seem to be around anymore.
    Also, the version I'm playing is DopeWars 2.4.6 on a palm centro. the logo it shows is a half blue half red capsule.

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