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    Please help probs with ramble

    Advertisement i've had ramble since I owned my BB 8700c and never had a problem till now.

    Now everytime I try to log on it will say "logging in ,please wait" for about 2 mins then goes to "reconnecting, please wait"

    I did a hard reset, uninstalled reinstalled, checked my setting

    nothing has changed.
    I posted this on blackberryforums and not a single person wanted to give me a hand with this.

    So if you have any input please let me know.



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    Everybody has problems with Ramble.

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    Do you have your firewall enabled, by chance?

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    yea, ramble has a crap load of problems.. even I are havin problems but I don't even bother solving it.. I just hope they come up with a new version soon and fix all these problems. I suggest for you to try yak-on it's only $20, I've never had a single problem with it. Awesome app.

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