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Dial contact, send SMS/PIN, email and browse website using picture ids. No need to remember ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    PictureDial released for Storm


    Dial contact, send SMS/PIN, email and browse website using picture ids. No need to remember phone numbers again or what the person looks like. Just snap the picture with the camera application or use any GIF, PNG or JPG picture and use it in Picture Dial.

    Not only can you dial contacts but you can also send SMS/PIN, Email and browse contact website.

    Supports Storm Touch, Click and Swipe.


    * BlackBerry® OS 4.7.075 and Higher


    * Supports Storm 9500 and 9530
    * Supports PNG, GIF and JPG pictures
    * Supports Internal and SD card memory
    * Supports Contact lookup when creating new Picture Dials
    * Supports Landscape and Portrait modes
    * Send SMS/PIN and Email
    * Browse contact website
    * Rearrange PictureIDs
    * Swipe to see more picture IDs
    * Send quick SMS. No need to type
    * Edit and crop picture
    * Custom color for contact labelling
    * Run PictureDial in background for instant access to your Picture Dials
    * Very easy to use


    * 9500
    * 9530

    Website: Picture Dial
    Visit our website

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    looks good.

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    great app and a steal at under 6 bucks. this is a great app to be able to send a text or email very quickly. with 3 or 4 clicks(2 or 3 seconds) you are typing your email or text. it also has 8 customizable short texts. with literally 4 clicks you can send a short(pre written) text to one of your contacts.

    this ones a winner smiley
    lighten's too short

    my favorite cydia apps and hacks

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    Thanks will check it out
    ~via BB (

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