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Sounds like simple laziness to me, unless your vision impaired why would you need an app that shows a full-screen photo anyhow? Just use the default and stop paying out the butt for these apps that should all be free anyhow! And even 9.95 or whatever is too expensive, really tho...~via BB (wap.pinstack.com)~
everyone has different needs and tastes. if they didn't we would have one universal phone and everyone would have it and be happy with it. some people like to see a full screen photo show up when they get a call from someone. these developers work hard to put out products for us. if we don't want or like it...we don't have to purchase it.
personally i think this application is cool...but not for me so i won't be purchasing it but i do still appreciate the developers putting out new products for our many tastes and needs.
side note: this particular developer has a very cool profile switcher program that i would place in my top 3 favorite applications.