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Thanks for the feedback from this post Beta v1.163 is out now, point your BB ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    PeeKaWho Beta v1.163


    Thanks for the feedback from this post

    Beta v1.163 is out now, point your BB Browser:

    - SMS/Email LED Alerts
    - Able to change colors on email/sms LED alerts
    - Able to enable / disable LED Alerts
    - LED Alerts and Popup alerts are separate (more below in the tip area)
    - Always On allow will popup in holster / Locked / USB, when it is unchecked, popup will show only when the screen is idle or BB is in use.
    - Preference to switch between default popup text color or "PeeKaWho chosen" colors

    Couple of Power Tips using the new version to your advantage:

    Email LED will come on ONLY if you miss 2 emails in a row.

    You have the choice of SMS LED and EMAIL LED alerts separately from Popup. If you just want Popup and no LED, uncheck the "Enable LED" options. Likewise, if you just want the LED, leave the "Enable LED" option checked, and uncheck "Enable Email" and "Enable SMS".

    Also, popup also shows even if your screen is locked, or your BB is in holster. You can turn this off by unchecking "Always Display". If you like to see popup after you unlock your screen or take your BB out of the holster, we suggest you uncheck "Auto Fade Popup".

    In addition, if you like LED to stayon until you read the popup, we also suggest you leave the "Auto Fade Popup" unchecked. Currently, LED turns off when popup is dismissed (manually or automatically).

    Now those of you who are asking, "What if I turn off popup but have the LED on, how do I turn off LED?" Good question, for now, there is a timer that will turn off LED if disable the popup but have LED on.

    Again, problem/suggestion post here or send to


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    Thanks for the update. Never used this app before but I will check it out.

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    Thanks. ~via BB (

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