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Already have a sample group set up for this, it's called BlackBerry Owners Chat. Main ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Party Line Connect: Group Chat Up To 10 At A Time


    Already have a sample group set up for this, it's called BlackBerry Owners Chat.

    Main Page:
    Party Line Connect

    Pre-Created BlackBerry Owners Chat Page:
    BlackBerry Owners Chat

    Here's how it works:
    1. Call 712-432-4017
    2. Wait for the prompt
    3. Enter code 982311
    4. Press #
    5. If there is anyone else in the room, you will hear them.
    • Supports Up To 10 Simultaneous Users
    • Additional Rooms Can Be Created
    • Only a long distance call to an Iowa based number
    Help / Frequently asked questions

    What is the "dial-in" number for a party line?
    This is the telephone number you dial to join a party line conference call. It is a regular toll call in the United States, and effectively free on flat-rate plans. Many listings right now have a "712" area code which is in Iowa, though we will be adding more area codes and toll free listings.

    Is Party Line Connect free?

    Yes, the conferencing service that bridges callers together is totally free. The dial-in 712 area code number is a regular toll call by each participant to the party line bridge in Iowa (and is effectively free call on flat-rate calling plans). There are no hidden or extra charges when dialing the number.

    How is Party Line Connect free?

    We are an advertiser-supported media network and will increasingly be accepting brief audio ad greetings when a caller is connected, along with content-relevant ad banners on the site.

    What is the "passcode"?

    When you and other participants dial-in to the party line bridge, you'll be greeted by a voice prompt asking that you press the party line conference room passcode - specific to a given party line listing - to join the conference call.

    What is the "password"?

    The organizer who sets up a party line listing need the "password" (not the passcode) to login to the listing on the site and edit and add more information to the listing. This is a confidential password that he/she receives via email when initially setting up the listing.

    Can I call on a cell phone, and if I do, are there any other charges?

    Of course you can call on a cell phone (make sure the connection is good) and there are no extra or different charges from us. Again, it's a regular toll call to join the party line, and with flat-rate minute long distance plans, it is effectively free to call.

    What are those orange birds in the listing?

    The orange birds in a given listing (not the bird logo at the top right) represent the number of callers actively on the party line, though there is a one minute delay.

    What is "share this link" in the listing?

    This is a link specific to this listing you can email or IM to your friends to provide them with information to join the party line.

    How does "organizing" a party line work?

    First you set up a party line listing for the public to see and get your party line conference room passcode and listing password and on this website. It's also sent to you via email for your records. Once published on the site, participants dial the 712 phone number (located centrally in Iowa) and enter the party line conference room passcode.

    What's the "Send passcode anonymously" option when I set up a party line?
    By choosing this option to share the passcode, you, as the organizer, can approve or deny their anonymous email requests by returning an anonymous email that the server sends based on your approve or deny command. If you approve someone's request an anonymous email from the server is sent to this accepted person with the passcode to join the organizer's party line.

    Do I need to make a reservation to join a party line?

    No. Never. You can use the service anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - at no charge. It's a regular toll call to reach the conference bridge at the 712 number.

    Can people call into a party line I've created if I'm not on the call?
    Yes. Once your listing is posted and the passcode has been shared, callers may join your party line even if you're not on the call.

    Can I delete the party line listing I've organized and de-activate the passcode?

    Yes. Simply access your party line listing with the password - it's given to you in an activation email we've sent when you originally organized the party line - and click on "Delete this party line."

    Are there any hidden charges or fees of any kind?
    No. There are no hidden fees or surcharges of any kind for the party line conferencing service. Nothing extra will appear on your phone bill, other than the normal toll call to area code 712 to connect to the conferencing bridge in Iowa.

    Can I use any telecommunications carrier to call into the party line? Yes. You and anyone else may used any telecom carrier (AT&T, Sprint, MCI, etc.) to dial into the party line conference. You can even use Skype-Out, Vonage and other alternative telecom carriers to connect to the 712 telephone bridge number.

    How many callers can join a party line?

    Up to 10 people can be on the party line conference call.

    Can I use Party Line Connect more than once?

    Yes! Of course! You can use this free conferencing calling service as often as you wish and there are no charges or extra fees. Your conference passode ID for your party line is permanent and you can use it as long as you wish.

    What does "Safe Mode is ON" mean?

    Party Line Connect is automatically set to "Safe Mode is ON" which filters your searches and assists in blocking adult-oriented content. If you click on "Safe Mode is ON" and wish to view adult oriented content and turn it "off", you can agree to do so and view listings with such content.

    Can I set up an adult-oriented party line?

    Yes and no. We let the community - even in the "safe mode off" section - determine what it wishes to flag as inappropriate. If you have listed an adult-oriented listing and post it in the "safe mode off" section for this type material, it may still be deleted by the comunity because site visitors are reporting it as inappropriate. While you a free to discuss adult-oriented matters, we and the community do not want obscene text or images on the listings. We suggest keeping the text descriptions and imagery in your listing as R-rated.

    Do I need an account?

    No! There is no account to set up and no registration other than providing your email address for us to send the public passcode for the party line and the private password for the published listing of the party line.

    Do you spam or share my or my friends' email addresses?

    Never. We do not spam and we do not share email addresses. We hate spammers.

    What are the user features? How can I tell how many people are on a party line?

    When on your conference call, you can press:
    *1 to play menu of features
    *2 to mute your line (in case you have a lot of noise around you and just want to listen).
    *3 to un-mute your line to contribute to the conference.
    *4 to hear the number of callers who are on the conference at that moment

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    Re: Party Line Connect: Group Chat Up To 10 At A Time

    Again, if anyone wants to test this, respond here and we can set up a date/time so that we can be sure there will be others online at the time.

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    Re: Party Line Connect: Group Chat Up To 10 At A Time

    thanks man!

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    Re: Party Line Connect: Group Chat Up To 10 At A Time

    Wow thanks!!! Great find!!

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