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    is the pageonce bb app free?

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    It was free when I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago. Have 4 banks, 3 frequent flyer accounts and a couple of hotel/motel user accounts (e.g. choice hotels accumulation of points for free stays). It actually works very well. Set it up and access is pretty quick and painless. Give it a try.

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    It was free but when I ran it about a week ago I got a "your trial will end in 14 days" so I guess they changed their minds :-(

    Shame as it was quite handy and slick but as I only use it once every 7-10 days I won't be subscribing to the BB app...
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    yeah, same here, came in pretty handy for me, used it for my electric, cable and cell phone bills.
    I won't be subscribing either, since I use it maybe three times a week.
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