Presence Technology Lets BlackBerry and Standard Mobile Phones Share Availability Status

SAN JOSE, Calif. – August 29, 2005 – Orative, an innovator in enterprise mobile telephony, today announced the availability of Orative® Client Software for BlackBerry®. Orative software uses presence technology to allow a person to set their availability status on a mobile device as well as to see the availability status of other Orative software users. This gives mobile employees the ability to reach co-workers more efficiently so that they can ask for help, make decisions and move business forward. Orative also announced that it has joined the BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program to extend its collaborative applications for enterprises to the growing community of BlackBerry users.
According to the FCC and the CTIA, in December 2004, the number of wireless phone subscribers in the U.S. surpassed the number of landline users. There were 181.1 million wireless users compared to 178 million landline users. This shift underscores the reality that mobile devices have emerged as the preferred tool for voice communications
“Mobile devices are a critical part of daily communications in the enterprise, and BlackBerry is a popular choice with many busy professionals,” said Orative CEO Paul Fulton. “With Orative software, BlackBerry users can now view the availability status of their colleagues right from the phone book to determine whether it is more efficient to reach a person by making a call or sending a message. This improves an employee’s ability to reach an expert for time sensitive issues.”
Orative Enterprise Software is a client-server solution purchased and operated by enterprise customers. The software allows mobile employees to easily and securely coordinate conversations, screen calls, collaborate with colleagues, and access personal and corporate phone books. The software allows users to gauge the importance of incoming calls by displaying details such as name, priority and subject matter on the handset. It also delivers phone-based alerts like calendar reminders and conference notifications. A presence enabled phone book makes it possible to determine at-a-glance if somebody is available to talk before actually placing a call.
This is the first Java™ 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) implementation for Orative, which plans to introduce support for other Java enabled devices in the near future. Orative Client Software for BlackBerry requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ deployed in the enterprise and supports BlackBerry 7100™ Series, BlackBerry 7200™ Series, BlackBerry 7500™ Series and BlackBerry 7700™ Series devices. To learn more about Orative Enterprise Software or the new Orative Client Software for BlackBerry go to:
The BlackBerry ISV Alliance program is designed to foster the development of third party applications and services that extend the BlackBerry experience beyond wireless email. Research In Motion Limited (Nasdaq: RIMM) supports its partners in various ways including providing product and development resources, offering marketing and sales opportunities and training.
About Orative
Orative develops software solutions that improve the efficiency of voice communications for enterprise mobile phone users. Orative applications deliver time-saving availability and scheduling feedback to let users be more responsive to business demands. Orative transforms the mobile phone into a true business phone. For more information, visit