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Hey all, First post. Just got my BB 8100 a few days ago and so ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Opera Mini Troubles?


    Hey all,

    First post. Just got my BB 8100 a few days ago and so far am loving it. Decided to install Opera Mini (HIGHLY recommend it as the BB Browser freakin' SUX!!). Had major troubles installing it. I browsed forums for 2 days to no avail, but finally got it working. The solution was not something I had seen on any other forum posts so I figured I would post how I got it working here to help others with the same problem. Maybe it'll work for you too.

    Symptom: "Failed to connect" screen (Opera 3.12 and 4). Tried every APN setting that I found on the net, tried changing my TLS to Handheld, tried on Proxy, multiple reinstalls and battery pulls, nothing.

    Solution: I was running BB OS v4.2.1.103. Upgraded to v4.2.1.107 and Opera all of a sudden started working no probs. Might be something in that 103 OS version that conflicts.

    Hope this helps someone! Would be curious to know if anyone is actually has Opera working on v4.2.1.103 to see if this is just a fluke or not.

    Worked for me so I'm happy!




    P.S. For those interested, here's the T-Mobile instructions for upgrading your BB OS:

    1) To download the updated handheld and desktop software you can visit T-Mobile's website /bbupgrade (can't post URL's so just go to tmo's main website and add /bbupgrade to the end)

    2) Find your device model and click "Get Software" next to it.

    3) You will have to enter your 10 digit T-Mobile number and click "Go".

    4) Download the Desktop Manager Software first. (If you already have the Desktop Manager installed then you can skip this part). Save the software to your computer. Be sure to write down the directory where you save the files so you can locate them later. Install the desktop manager software before the handheld software. Install it as "Typical". Install "Blackberry Enterprise Server or Redirector" if your company has a Blackberry Enterprise Server or uses the Redirector. Install "Blackberry Internet Service" if you use the personal individual email service for $19.99 per month, or if you don't use Blackberry Internet Service.

    5) Secondly, download the Handheld Software version. This file should be installed after the Desktop Software is installed.

    6) Once the handheld software and desktop software are installed you can plug the device into the pc usb cable. The Desktop Manager should say "Connected", if not then you can use "Options- Connection Settings" on the Desktop Manager to either select your usb-pin or to press "Detect" to locate the device.

    IMPORTANT: (At this point you can create a backup of your device with the Desktop Manager's "Backup/Restore" option. If you have not backed the device up and if the "Application Updates Available " dialog comes up automatically then you can cancel the update, back the device up, then use "Application Loader" to manually run the update.)

    7) Double click "Application Loader" to update the handheld. You can call T-Mobile (1800-937-8997 or 611 from the handset) to be walked through the update if you need instructions. The instructions are below as well.

    Application Loader Instructions:

    1. Do not disconnect your handheld from the computer until the upgrade process is complete. If the upgrade process is interrupted, your handheld applications might not work properly. In this case, you must repeat the upgrade process.

    2. Do not install the Handheld Software for other handhelds than that listed in the file

    3. Open the Desktop Manager (if not already opened) on your computer.

    4. Connect your handheld to your computer if you have not done so already. The Application Updates Available dialog box opens. Click Update Now to open the Application Loader. If the Application Updates Available dialog box does not open, then double-click the Application Loader icon on the Desktop Manager window.NOTE: If you have password enabled on your handheld, you must type it before the handheld can connect to the Desktop Manager software.

    5. Click Next at the Welcome to the Application Loader Wizard dialog box. The Handheld application Selection dialog box opens. The Handheld Application Selection dialog box displays the applications, their file sizes, and the actions. NOTE: If password is enabled on your handheld, the Handheld Security Password dialog box opens. You must type your password and click Next before the Application Loader can read your handheld's configuration.

    6. IMPORTANT: Verify that all the check boxes are selected next to the applications that you want to load and click Next. The Application Data Backup dialog box opens.

    7. Select whether you want the Application Loader to back up and restore your handheld data automatically, including your e-mail messages.

    8. Click Next. A summary window appears, listing the actions that will occur during the upgrade process.

    9. Click Finish.

    10. The Application Loader automatically backs up your handheld's data, removes the old applications, loads new applications onto the handheld, and restores data. If password is enabled on your handheld, a Connection dialog box might open during the backup and restore phase of the upgrade process. If this dialog box opens, type your password on the handheld and click Retry.

    11. The Application Loader will indicate whether or not the upgrade was successful. If successful, click Close to return to the Desktop Manager. If the upgrade was not successful, verify that your handheld is properly connected to the computer and then repeat the upgrade process.

    12. After the upgrade is complete, you might need to turn on your handheld radio to send and receive e-mail messages. To turn the radio on, click the Turn Wireless ON icon on the Home screen. If you do not see a registration message in your inbox after you turn on your radio, then you can manually register with the wireless network.

    13. If you use the Blackberry Internet and Email service then after the update you should access the "Options" menu on your phone to register on the host routing table. This brings back your "Browser" and "Setup Internet Email" icons.

    For Blackberry 7290, 8700, 8100, 8800, 8320: Access "Options- Advanced Options- Host Routing Table". Click the trackwheel (press the "menu" key on the 8100) and select "Register Now".

    For Blackberry 7100 series: Access "Tools- Settings- Advanced Options- Host Routing Table". Click the trackwheel and select "Register Now".

    14. If you use personal email on the device then you can access "Setup Internet Email" and then "Service Books" and then "Send Service Books" to have your email service books sent back to the handset.

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    Re: Opera Mini Troubles?


    Solution: I was running BB OS v4.2.1.103. Upgraded to v4.2.1.107 and Opera all of a sudden started working no probs. Might be something in that 103 OS version that conflicts.

    As an FYI about v4.2.1.103, that OS was recalled with in 2 weeks of coming out. Rim and TMO acctually stoped Shipping Pearls for close to 2 weeks, in hopes of clearing all devices of .103. Sorry to hear you wound up with one. there are not too many that slipped through. The up date really helps.

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    Re: Opera Mini Troubles?

    Good to know! Thanks! Explains a lot.

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