Hi, I just got a replacement Pearl 8120 from T-Mobile and am having some problems re-configuring opera mini properly. The first thing I did after powering on the phone was run the setup wizard and set the device permissions to "permissive". Next, I downloaded opera mini, set the APN to wap.voicestream.com changed opera's network settings to HTTP w/Wi-Fi enabled -- and everything is peachy. Opera over Wi-Fi is zippy, much better than making a socket connection.

However, I dislike the "attempting to access server4.opermini.com. Would you like to allow this?" message every time I run the application. So, I turned on the firewall so I could say "yes to all connections" once and be done with it. But, it's telling me that opera mini is attempting to make a connection inside the firewall AND a connection outside the firewall which is not allowed by IT policy which means Wi-Fi won't work for me with the firewall turned on. HTTP or socket access is fine, just not Wi-Fi, which means slowness to the point of uselessness.

I'm not on BES, just a plain BB internet plan, so I don't know how this policy is set or how to change it. The old phone didn't have this issue and I'm at a loss as to how to fix the problem with the new phone. Any ideas?