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another question. going through my calendar on my phone, i have some appointments that still ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    another question. going through my calendar on my phone, i have some appointments that still aren't syncing with outlook. the ones that don't sync are configured to "Send Using: Device Default." all my others that sync fine are configured to send with my email address. what the f?

    with a lot of my appointments like birthdays, they're showing up as duplicates now, set to send with my email and device default

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    i had this same issue with FB 1.5 beta .. i uninstalled it and it took some time to clean stuff up ... i never found a fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaymzb0nd View Post
    thanks for the input guys. i do have a custom "today" theme. i uninstalled facebook using the DM but this didn't fix the problem.

    Don, i did what you said before and that's how i'd get it off the t-mobile screen but that's also when i noticed the missing icons.

    i synced my phone with my computer to get my most recent calendar additions (which are on my outlook calendar on my pc) however none of them are syncing. i messed with the configuration to make sure it was sycning all items, not just past, but i'm still not getting any of my newer calendar appointments on my phone. to top it off, none of my calendar appointments are showing on the today screen (as they did before thanks to the theme).
    i had this last night face book puts you on there calander go to adv options-default services and change your cal back to your email one

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    I don't use outlook, instead I mostly use google sync, and keeping my facebook app installed for the contacts to be available.

    * go to options on facebook 1.5 and uncheck Blackberry Calendar, (and Blackberry contacts application). Then Clear cache in facebook, and log out.
    * go to options on the Blackberry and go to advanced options then go to default services and change the calendar (CICAL) to the default (ie google).
    * Go to your calendar and note all your appointments that you wish to keep, (as the next step could delete them off your device calendar). Double check on google calendar website that those appointments are still there.
    * Delete all appointments in blackberry calendar, by pressing ‘RSET’, that does not need to be in capital but those are the exact letters you need to put in when you are in the calendar and pressing the menu. For QWERTY users type normal, for Sure Type devices r is pressing the key number 1 twice etc (go in to calendar, press the menu key, then options, that is where you would need to enter these four letters as a command)
    * You will then be prompted to reset/clear the facebook calendar, AND the google calendar you have already on your device. Say yes to all of them as long as you have double checked your google calendar is up to date.
    * Once deleted, do a soft reset, battery pull, or look for a program called quickpull.
    * After rebooting try another google sync. If report says items deleted then go into your google calendar and re-insert them. Try the sync again. Then check to see they are under the right calendar.
    * log back into facebook, ensure that blackberry calendar sync service is Unticked, then go to your options, advanced options, default services and see if it’s still your google.

    Hope this helps, this worked for me, no duplicates!

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