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Just purchased Nutsie for my 8330, and its seems to work ok, but after I ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Nutsie Help


    Just purchased Nutsie for my 8330, and its seems to work ok, but after I downloaded my Itunes library and updated my BB, all I get is a category marked purchased which has my music, but you can't see the individual selections like you can on the PC, anyone know about this. I also looked for a spot on the Nutsie website to direct you to tech support, I can't find that link, and there should be a program manual to help one navigate through this program. Can someone please help.

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    If someone here can't answer you can get help by emailing

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    The app doesn't let you choose individual songs. It is kind of like internet radio of your own songs and playlists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbueding View Post
    Just purchased Nutsie for my 8330...
    Hey bbueding,

    I can try to help you out with any nuTsie problems. As icancn2u mentioned, is the support address.

    First I need a little more clarity regarding your problem. So far, I understand it as such: You uploaded your iTunes XML list at Then, you refreshed nuTsie's list on your Blackberry. Now you don't see the playlists you have in iTunes, except for the "purchased" list.

    Does that sound correct?

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