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I am new to Blackberries and just purchased my first a couple of weeks ago. ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    not quite addicted, help me


    I am new to Blackberries and just purchased my first a couple of weeks ago. I do not use it for work. I like keeping in contact with all of my family and surfing the web.

    I love Viigo and google maps but what else would you say I have to have and could not do without?

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    Well you found pinstack that's a good start to your addiction. You will find all kinds of things here to feed your need. Welcome to the family and if you ever have questions never be afraid to ask.~via BB (

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    Once you get accustomed to using it you won't be able to give it up. If you ever have to travel away from your p-c, email, etc. you will marvel at how it keeps you up to date and in touch with the world. If you want news, weather, financial info, personal contacts, etc, you can get it using your BB.
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    If you have a Facebook account there's a great Facebook app that RIM developed. Ummm... Do you use any IM programs? Yahoo? Google? AOL/AIM? MySpace? All of those have IM capabilities on BlackBerry.

    (Viigo and Google Maps are my absolutely favorite "I can't live without" applications though! )

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    Definitely get some of the IM clients. They are all available. Live!, ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo

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    Welcome to Pinstack Nursie, it wont be long and you'll be just like us, it will start most likely when you start looking for the little red flashing light over and over and over again. But anyway, that new AP (Associated Press) App is most excellent if you like to keep up with the News, another one is the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) you can find both of them here at Pinstack. Just for starters, and of course get yourself some of these Sweet Free Themes... C ya around!

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    Hey, welcome to the site and the blackberry world.
    Viigo is a good start, great little app. As far as other apps that will help you get addicted, well it depends what's your interest. If you are into messaging I recomend you try JiveTalk out. Its not free but it does have a free trial and it incorporates the most popular IM programs. As mentioned above, facebook is nice, also mobipocket reader if you are into ebooks.
    Plenty of maps applications.
    Ohh and one can't do without BlackBerry Messenger. Its already there, you just need to add a few people and you are ready to go.
    The pinstack app. Is nice to keep you stalking, and trust me... This site is very addicting... I'm sure you'll find that put soon.
    See you around! ~via BB (

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    and Slacker for bb is coming sometime this month (not soon enough)
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    Welcome to the site and to BB. Looks like you are being taking care of.

    T-Mobile Curve 8320 - OS!


    ~via BB (

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