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Hi, I'm completly new to the RIM/Blackberry's so apologies if this is an obvious one! ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Question Newbie question - Google Apps/Facebook



    I'm completly new to the RIM/Blackberry's so apologies if this is an obvious one!

    I bought the Bold SIM free and unlocked from a highstreet shop (from Phones 4U in the UK - so I paid a lot for it with no contract). The intention was to use it without paying any extra. I realise that I wouldn't get push e-mail but hoped to be able to use the WiFi and the data bundle on my existing contract and use Google's app for normal fetch e-mail. This seems to work up to a point. If I use the hotspot browser I can surf just fine but if I try and use any of the Google apps, e.g. mail, it just seems to hang.

    Also I tried to use the Facebook app as well and this also hangs but when I cancel the connection it says that my service plan does not support data - which is not correct, on a 'normal' phone I can do data...

    So having spent several hundred pounds do I now need to pay even more over to my network provider (Vodafone UK) to be able to use the BB Bold properly??? Bear in mind I'm not fussed about push e-mail so if that was the only thing that didn't work that would be ok.

    Thanks in advance,


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    this is why "unlocked" phones aren't reliable - While you may have a data plan - it was probably specific to your phone thru Vodafone. And since you don't have a SIM card for the Bold, Vodafone's network may not even acknowledge it, causing all the issues you have. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news

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    Unlocking a device has no impact on functionality. Blackberry's however work best with Blackberry Data Plans. I am not familiar with your carrier or what data plan you are trying to use but I would suspect that is your issue, not the unlocked device.
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    Thanks for the responses, the device has not been unlocked since purchase - it was bought new carrier free (if that's even a term) so was never locked.

    I think it's as GaryF says, it works best with a Blackberry data plan unfortunately and that's annoying as a BB newbie. If I'd bought just about any other phone SIM free (except the iPhone) its functionality in terms of being able to install 3rd party apps would not, AFAIK, be locked down.

    Oh well, it sucks but what can you do? RIM's way of getting its hooks into you and being able to generate a revenue stream beyond simply selling devices (and beyond even the push e-mail).

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    I just don't get it. I totally understand from one point that everyone wants to save money, but to not have a data plan on a data device is mind-bogoling. I work for Rogers, and constantly get people that want to purchase the iphone and our beloved Bold without a data plan. I understand it has wifi, which is wonderful, but the device should have a data plan. It just makes sense.

    Saving money is great and all, but like the old saying says, u get what u pay for. ;-)
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    I completely agree, Javatyger

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