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Along with our updated gCalc! mentioned the other day , we're proud to announce the ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    New, FREE Pocket Reference - gRef


    Along with our updated gCalc! mentioned the other day, we're proud to announce the beta arrival of our latest gWhiz module, gRef: Information you need, everywhere you need it!

    Like all gWhiz applications (so far anyways), gRef is FREE.

    gRef provides an easy infrastructure to review (or even build) your own personalized reference library without carrying around a backpack of books or requiring that you slog thru pages of web search results.

    Here's a few of the current items in our newly published, extensible reference catalog:
    • BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts
    • Mixed drink recipes
    • Cooking measurements
    • WWW domain extensions
    • Music terminology
    • vi Editor commands
    • Trigonometric reference
    gRef uses Google spreadsheets as a data source, so you can easily create your own references. For example:
    • Family birthdays and Anniversaries
    • Gift preferences & clothing sizes
    • Favorite recipes
    To get gRef, along with gCalc and gFlash+ (flashcard/trivia game app), just download OTA from our mobile site. You can also download a .zip file from our desktop site. All three modules, gCalc!, gFlash+, and gRef, will be in the single download.

    You can help us build the catalog! What other reference items would you like to have? Here's a few possibilities:
    First aid for people and pets?
    MySQL commands?
    Fantasy Football ranks?
    Finally, here's a few screenshots:

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    I'm sure math teachers across the country are thrilled with the prospect of their students turning their BlackBerrys into graping calculators. Brick Breaker ahoy!

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