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hi all hope ive found the right forum to post this request for assistance. Ive ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Need help finding a user friendly downloader for Bberry 8700


    hi all hope ive found the right forum to post this request for assistance. Ive got a JAR & JAD files I need to down load to my blackberry.
    -The software is available to download frm the vendor but my BB browser wont support the pageview as its a zip folder w lots of other crap I dont want anyway
    -Ive saved the specific files to my laptop and tried to send as attachments to my bberry email to then open but I get a message that the file contains more than 32 files after decompression and cannot be scanned. I cannot open or install the application
    -the vendor provided some links to US based mobile providers like sprint which allow for a forwarding/download direct to the bberry mobile # but they only accept 10 digit US numbers and Im based here in HKG which together with country code of +852 61135307 is 11+ digits
    -does anyone have a net link to a bberry downloader that I can use to get the JAR file onto the blackberry? sems the bit ive been able to fin on the net on how to do this is relatively technical
    thanks! Mr Migs

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    well if you are trying to load the files through the your device through email it wont work unzip the files on your computer and load them through the application loader on the desktop manager
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