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I'm wondering if anybody has any ideas. When I go to it says the ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Nascar Trackpass Mobile


    I'm wondering if anybody has any ideas. When I go to it says the following:

    *TrackPass Mobile is only available with AT&T service for the following phones:
    BlackBerry, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson

    I have at&t and a blackberry, but if I go to the link specified it only lists the following:

    To download TrackPass Mobile please select the make of your phone from the list below.
    1. Motorola
    2. Nokia
    3. Samsung
    4. Sony Ericsson
    5. LG

    Please note this service is currently only available on AT&T.

    Ok, so where's the blackberry?

    Thanks to anybody who can help. By the way, I emailed support and got a canned response that was 0 help.

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    LOL. I get that it isn't available for my handset! I don't even get the list of devices that I get with Firefox!!!
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    OMG....I'm so glad to see this post. Listen to my story on that whole issue...

    So we are HUGE Nascar fans in this house, and I found that on Nascars website. Did the same thing with downloading and got the same error. I was like WTF?! It says BLACKBERRY Also my fiance has a samsung synce so that should work too!
    We call ATT about this and nobody has any idea WTH we are talking about! OMG are you serious, it says ATT customers only!

    After calling customer care for days in a row, being bounced around from dept to dept. resending service books and opening up tickets etc. we FINALLY got it to work on the samsung, BUT what he did was select a DIFFERENT model of phone because his model was not specified.....
    All is working for him so I'm wondering if we can do the same thing for the BB version....anyone get far enough to try this let me know. Ex....if it gives you different BB models to pick from.
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