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When Jott left Beta and some genius over there decided BB users should have to ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Miss Jott? reQall beta now free for BlackBerry!


    When Jott left Beta and some genius over there decided BB users should have to pay 3x the amount iBlown users do, for a service that was clearly inferior, I dropped them like a bricked, overhyped MacBook. After googling a bit, I finally found this other service, reQall, which had more function and none of the useless hipster bloat of Jott.

    Anyway, the service was excellent and the developer seemed a down-to-earth guy (albeit something of a memory GTD guru, and I mean that in a good way). So I says to him on the Facebook fan group: "Ay! Guy! Do that programming mojo for my BlackBerry." And today, I gets a friendly email containing my daily "jotts" with a tiny, unintrusive announcement (take a hint, Jott), that my prayers were answered!

    reQall for BlackBerry says it's still in beta, but it works like a charm on my 8320 running 4.5. The app's look is a carbon copy of reQall's deep blue web interface, rich with synched tabs for tasks, notes, and people, all able to be added by voice, SMS or typing. Plus, you'll see a new menu option for adding reQall voice notes in several native RIM apps like calendar, mailbox, etc. Yes, JottBB users, like their one menu item in messages, except on steroids, not utterly worthless & not $12.95/month. That's right, it's BB-integrated, multi-platform voice transcription -- FREE!

    Here's the blurb, copied and pasted fresh from my BB:

    'reQall for BlackBerry®
    Free, beta version now available!

    reQall for BlackBerry offers all the regular reQall features you love, such as voice-to-text and timely reminders, PLUS it integrates with native BlackBerry functions such as email, memo pad and calendar. That means you can automatically create To-Dos and Notes from within these BlackBerry functions using a simple "reQall this" menu option.

    If you use a BlackBerry, download reQall for BlackBerry at www reqall com / blackberry (ed. note: can't link, you get the picture). Then let us know what you think!'

    - Super slick app, that's what I think! Thank you reQall for showing the rest how it's done right!

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    Thanks myronic, will have to give this a try

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    Looks like this made it to the front page too...

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