For those of you who were familiar with mCaller, you'll be pleased to see that It comes with some great new functionality and an improved UI for a better user experience.

mCaller™ provides automatic time capture for business interactions, maps phone calls and meetings to projects, matters etc and allows for fast and easy reporting.

Some of the New features are:

- Dynamic ‘To Do Today’ screen with integration into the native calendar and task list (Daily planning and prioritising)
- The ability to create and manage business reference points (projects, matters, cases, engagements etc) and map activities (phone calls, meetings, notes) against them
- An excluded contacts list (keep personal activities private)
- A fast look up reference of activities and calls that have been made in the last 60 days (a call log history that includes notes and project references)
- Two new report types that retrieve specific account information by reference ID (projects or matters).

Remember that anybody that participated in the beta program for the previous version is entitled to a FREE 12 month subscription. Simply send us an email and we’ll process your interest.
Don't forget even if you weren't a beta participant that mCaller™ also offer a free 30 Day trial, just visit and click on the 'Free 30 day Trial' link.