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    Looking for Calendar, Task List Program


    I am a long time user of a Palm and its desktop software which allows synchronizing calendar and task lists, among other things. I just purchased a BB 8130 and understand that I cannot sync with the Palm Desktop.

    This leads to my question ... I am looking for a program to take its place - where I can enter info on the computer or the Pearl and then sychronize the two. My office uses Groupwise 6.5 and I have been able to sync the calendar, but I do not think it will do the same for tasks. I have tried Google Calendar, but this only syncs calendar, not tasks. Neither will allow the creation of task lists. I have seen ads for a program Pocket Day, but cannot tell if that can be loaded onto my computer. It also looks pretty complicated.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    PocketDay isn't complicated. It's good for providing a desktop like view, where you can see tasks, appts, emails etc... Not really what you're describing.

    A real good app for maintaining and syncing all kinds of notes and things between the handheld and a desktop is IdeaMatrix by rexwireless. pricey, but good.

    For syncing calendar, tasks, contacts over the air, I use SyncJe.
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    My only experience is with outlook. It will sync fully with your BB. Calendar, tasks, contacts, and tasks...

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