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Sorry for what you experienced - actually we have a mechanism that prevents such screen dimming during video - that requires you to accept the security dialogs while first launching the application, in case you missed it, try the following trouble shooting steps.

Options -> Advanced Options -> Applications -> mediaPlayer -> Menu -> edit permissions -> set "Allow" to all (connections, interactions, userdata) - this will manage the system properly.

@Yogich: Thanks for the kind words of appreciation, should you have any suggestions to improve, do let us know,we would love to implement them for you. Btw: thanks for sharin stations - I have updated the thread at our support forum to include your links (unfortunately they were not posted as the system thought them as spam - sorry - make few posts, you will gain acess to post urls - incase you wish to share more )

@joemofovolta: Dollars 5 mediaPlayer is free to trial for 1 week, if you wish to use after that - it cost USD 19.99 and can be purchased from http://www.dollars5.com/plete/blackb...ry-pearl-8100/
Will the permissions changes make it possible for me to finally watch a video?? That (aside from the occasional dual-sound during streaming) seems to be the largest problem I have.