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Hi every one, yes I am a new BB owner and this is my very ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Question install jad/jar from desktop


    Hi every one, yes I am a new BB owner and this is my very first post to a forum, I have tried searching to somehow put a jad file on my BB using desktop manager --- uh uh ?? Aint happening, it wants an alx file. I am as computer literate as a baby at a nuclear physicist convention. The only thing I know about command lines is that I acidentally hit Run on my start button once which somehow took me to DOS land, and it took me three hours and alot of giggles from the tech rep on the other end of the phone line to get me back. I do not have a data subscription on my BB. So let me just ask the simple questions:

    in plain english - can I use a jad file to play a game on my BB7130C?, if not is there a conversion tool I can download ?
    Can I use my pc's internet connection via bluetooth or USB on my BB to OTA a file? if so what do I do with it once I have it?

    Thanks all, and sorry for the dumb questions.

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    Re: install jad/jar from desktop

    anything ending in .jad/.jar are usually ota downloadable files. anything ending in .cod/.alx are desktop manager files.
    hope that helps a little, and welcome to the stacks.

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    Re: install jad/jar from desktop

    yes u can, search for my thread ota without ota, there u will find a link for bb simulator.

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