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Mod Delete if this already exists please, but i didn't find it. I realize this ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Hidden Gems of App World


    Mod Delete if this already exists please, but i didn't find it.

    I realize this may be in the wrong place (not in the software section) but I could not easily find something similar to what I think would be cool.

    If everybody can post a few apps for their BB that they got from App World which they think are cool, interesting, crazy, whatever, then we can get a good list of interesting apps to take a look at.

    Personally I get tired trying to wade my way through all the different categories and apps and things, and end up resulting in just using the Top 25 and featured sections, and I know I am missing out and some crucial Apps.

    So I suppose I will start: (I don't really have any far out apps, but here are some that I like)

    1. A personal Assistant: An awesome app for anyone using Pageonce, which is an awesome aggregation of all one's accounts on a homepage. I highly recomend checking out

    2. BigTinCan Buzzme: An interesting and free way to get Vibrate and ring at the same time. One gripe is that when you attempt to mute it using the mute button, it only mutes the individual vibe and then 2 seconds later it will vibe again.

    3. WorldMate Live: Awesome app for anyone that travels. Flight itinerary, weathers, delays, hotel info, etc.

    4,5,6. The obligatory Pandora, Shazam, and Bloomberg

    Well I hope this catches on. I am really interested to see what people find in the depths of the App World

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    sorry no
    You can find a lot of apps here.

    It's one of my permenent book marks.Very handy.I hope this helps you a bit.
    ~via smartphone

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    Atomichelix Notify (adds "Save to Memopad" option in menu in messages/sms apps)
    ITookThisOnMyPhone (app to upload images to account, view them, etc)

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    ask me
    i liked the fact that the Pinstack BB Launcher is also available in BB App World!!!
    For my theme blog, remember....
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    ask me
    app world has been updated to .29
    When i say i have Bold family phones, I meant it, from the older to the younger, even the unborn ;)

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