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It seems that all of the fuss that was stirred with the l o n ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Have you BeeJive'd lately


    It seems that all of the fuss that was stirred with the l o n g anticipated updated Beta release for blackberry has been a dismal failure. Just look at their own forums...

    I've been a Beejive user ever since I had my Pearl 8100 (did I have it n my 7100g???) and have always loved the app; definitely on my favorites list (near the top even). After they upped the ante and added FaceBook IM chat to the mix there seemed all the more reason to acquire (and recommend it to everyone else).

    The biggest let down I think has been that it seems that they've shoved the blackberry community (their staple customer base for years) in favor of the iPhone clan (there have been 'many' iPhone updates in recent months compared to BB). When Beejive released the latest version of their "ongoing (forever)" Beta, they faced the wrath of many of their users over things that once worked having stopped (i.e. message folder integration; admittedly RIM had something to do with this) and failed implementation of push service for idle mode messages.

    It seems that all (if not all, then a vast majority) have the same opinion of their customer service too; and that is 'Extinct' or non-existent.

    I'd like to know who has had a more positive experience with Beejive (in recent times)... I'd like to think that they pay attention to their client base... let's see.
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    I have never had any problems at all.
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    Me neither, beejive has been great. So what if the beta is taking a little longer than you'd like? The original product rules.

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    just ask

    kinda wack to start a new topic here about beejive and the support and about the beta they have been on wraps with BGR and tg an now that they are kinda done with that proly will get back on track with the blackberry and beejive versions and wait to do iphone updates so who knows

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