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Hi Everyone! I have a 7250 with OS 4.1. I tried installing JiveTalk on 4.0 ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Has anyone had success with JiveTalk on 7250? problem with it


    Hi Everyone!

    I have a 7250 with OS 4.1. I tried installing JiveTalk on 4.0 but it wouldnt work so i upgraded, still the same problem tho. when it's "getting key" it freezes (im trying to run the trial version). after rebooting from the freeze it asks if i want to continue with the key or register. when i click continue it freezes again. if i click escape on that screen it shows the splash screen again and says a Java error. "java.lang.illegalargumentexception. bitmap is too large for graphics surface." and again, freezes.

    ive been attempting to get alx and cod files for the DM by simulating the 7250 with JDE as described somewhere in here. as well as creating a backup in order to install thru DM as i dont have OTA access. but the app has more than one module in applications/jivetalk so i dont know how to back up multiple modules. PS: the prog works perfect in the simulator, yet not in my phone.

    So my question is, does anyone have it working on a 7250? is it just mine? If no-one else does than its probably a hopeless case as far as i see. i've emailed jivetalk but havent gotten a response yet, the site says its compatible tho, with the 7250 as well as os 4.1

    and, how does one make the cod files with multiple modules? make multiple code files and edit the alx to work with all of them? im using javaloader, etc etc...the way it's illustrated in this forum

    thanks anyone who can help!

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    Don't have the info you're looking for, but...

    Figured you might want to know programmers often find something works flawlessly in the simulator, but not on a real phone, which is why most like to do beta runs.

    Incidentally, if you hit Alt-LGLG on the phone it should bring up an event log which may help you track down the source of the error further.

    Don't have a 7250 myself so I can't be of more help.

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