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I have been trying out recently. Its seems like a great idea, open an ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    I have been trying out recently. Its seems like a great idea, open an email or SMS with this program and it reads it back to you, very cool.
    For me the problem is there seems to be software to read you the emails or text message while I am driving, but I need to be able to respond and do that hands free. I really like becuase it downloads and lives on my BB Tour,, not an outside server.
    So anyone know of software that lets me listen to emails/text, etc....and lets me respond by voice to text????
    Thanks Stackers

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    Not sure if Vlingo reads to you as above, but it will definitely transcribe SMS and e-mails via voice-to-text.

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    You will still have to hold the phone close to you and that itself could be a distraction. I'm not quite sure if vlingo supports bluetooth capabilities but kinda defeats the hands free concept if it doesn't allow to text via bluetooth.
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    I use Vlingo heavily to transcribe SMS messages. Last I knew, a person wasn't able to use their Bluetooth headset with Vlingo. If they don't offer this ability, they definately should! It would complete the the whole handsfree loop.

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    Vlingo supports BT. But, you still need to hold down the button for BT to be enabled while attempting to voice-to-text.

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    I use Vlingo with my ear bud, works perfect except you have to watch what it transcribes. How ever it is great with Tasks to your self as well as searching internet. Simply speak,"Google search any subject, and wango, it opens your google search.

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