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    ^Takes you to BB Owner's Lounge.

    As a member, you are entitled to a five round free trial of GreenFinder and 50% off the 1-year subscription price.
    If you click on any of the other links for more info, make sure you come back to this page to take advantage of this offer.
    You need to have one of the following BlackBerry models with GPS and a data plan to use GreenFinder:
    • 8800, 8820, 8830
    • 8310, 8330
    • 8110, 8130
    If you are unsure of your model number, go to "Options" on the home screen and select "About". The first line contains your model number.
    Note: GreenFinder does not currently work on Verizon Wireless BlackBerry smartphones.
    By signing-up for the free trial, you also qualify to save 50% off when you decide to purchase at a later date, but if you would prefer to purchase right now at 50% off, just click below

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