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Well, it seems the good people at GrandCentral have had a crash. February 1, 2008: ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    GrandCentral server crash


    Well, it seems the good people at GrandCentral have had a crash.
    February 1, 2008:
    We are currently experiencing a partial outage and some voice mail messages may not be playing. None of your messages have been lost. We are working hard to fix the issue so you can access your voicemail again very soon.
    The GrandCentral Team.
    However, contrary to the above message, the lengths of all messages left after sometime around 11:30AM CST have a length of 0:00 according to the GC website, regardless of how long the actual message was (I've had several people tell me they left detailed messages). We shall see if they "magically" reappear, but I'm afraid that they do have some lost data on their hands.

    I don't know if this affects only some users or everyone.

    It's now 5 hours and counting, and no word on when it will be back up and working...

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    Re: GrandCentral server crash

    ~via BB (

    Wow sounds bad I actually use there site. I got a great number from them. I give it out to people who I don't want to have my tmo number. I hope the iron it out. Does anyone know if there's a way to stop incoming callers from having to record their names when they call my GC number?

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