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Did something happen or end. I had invitations left to give and last night I ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Grandcentral change


    Did something happen or end. I had invitations left to give and last night I can not find a place on their site anymore to do invites. has the invite a friend ended. I have 2 people that really want one.

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    Re: Grandcentral change

    Just checked it out for myself and it seems as though the user based inventationals are over however, while searching the FAQ I did see this:

    Q: Can I still sign up for a new GrandCentral account?
    A: A limited number of users will be able to sign up for an invitation to participate in continued beta-testing of the service. You can request an invitation here.

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    Re: Grandcentral change

    Yep looks like they are back to requests only... hopefully it will be like GMail (since google owns it) and they will make it still free!
    it's always greener with the other carrier...

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    Re: Grandcentral change

    GrandCentral, Google’s “one phone number for everything” service, has been stuck in a private, impossible to get into beta for months, but Google just opened up a backdoor. Blogger users (or, seemingly anyone who clicks the link) can now get into GrandCentral, and add a GrandCentral “Call Me!” badge to their blogs so readers can call them without revealing their phone number. Just go to this page to get started. Blogger users also get the ability to post GrandCentral voicemails to their blog, turning their weblogs into a sort of radio call-in show.
    the above excerpted from the "inside google" website

    I've seen a few web posts that they are getting ready to release GC to the public, so you may have open sign up's in the future. The Blogger system is also available

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