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    Question GPS, maps? how do they work


    I have an 8130, and my gf has a 8330. I never gave it too much thought but how does the GPS and maps app work? do they work together or r they too diff things? How good are the maps? Any feedback is much appreciated! thanks

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    The GPS, on your 8330 at least, works in conjunction with BB Maps. However, you must subscribe to Telenav or whatever your carrier offers, $10/month, in order to use. If the GPS is usuable without the subscription I'm not aware of it.
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    You don't have to subscribe to Telnav to get you GPS to work. The GPS is built in to your phone. BBmaps is pre loaded and will show your location depending on triangulation within about 3 meters. You cal give it an address and it will show you how to get there just no vocal turn by turn. Telnav required for that. Google maps is the same way. Type in into your browser. Maps, Movies and more. You can lookup an address and save it to your contacts from the app. Good Luck. Let me know how you like wls
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