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Haven't had any issues with it either... I use it on nearly a daily basis ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Haven't had any issues with it either... I use it on nearly a daily basis anymore! It's not always the most accurate, and one of the reasons for that has already been pointed out. I would point out that there is still an inherent "tolerance" to gps accuracy, though it has improved vastly over the years!

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    I typed in "red bull soap box" and it took me right to where needed to go and that's not even a real address and it only occurred that day

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    Quote Originally Posted by drdank View Post
    I've had Google Maps for about 6 months now and I can't tell you how many times it has taken me to the wrong location! Does anyone else have this problem. Even when I enter an address for starting location and ending location, it always gives me a waced out route. Any suggestions for another program?
    i agree i never liked it either it gives you long way around and it is a memory hog but like some one said i live away from the city so i am sure that is why but on the other hand why is it infospace findit is always right on but it doesnt have gps

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    how do you take it off facing north all the time. i want it to rotate?

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    I just wish that they would allow for you to use the devices GPS system to get way more accurate because they already use cell phone towers to find u just use the Device GPS and you will have AGPS ~via BB (

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    I have never had an issue with Google Maps. Works great, just like most Google products. It seems like they keep finding ways to revolutionize things to make life easier.

    ~via BB (

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    my guess is that your mileage (usefullness) may vary depending on your location. i would guess it may be more accurate in some locations than others. i have personally had success and utter failure using it for directions in various areas. in some cases suggesting i exit where there was no exit.

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    I use MyPoynt; Google Maps was useless for me...the directions were always so faulty; in San Antonio, TX one of the largest cities and they were sending me down non-existant roads, telling me a road turned into another one when it did not and telling me to turn left on a right only street.. The triangulation stuff wasn't very good either...I mean a 900Meter line of error is a lot..for me at least...Maybe with GPS it is a lot better, but I'm on VZW. MyPoynt works really well for me and the directions are good; when all else fails I just get on Mapquest via Opera Mini; but MyPoynt is working good for me so far.
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    I have to second the recommendation for Microsoft Live Search over Google Maps. IMHO, it's better in every way. I like the Google Maps app even less now, since they added an "enhancement" a couple updates ago so that the GPS marker only updates at 5 second intervals or so, making it more likely to miss a turn while you're driving. I'm assuming they did that to address battery drain issues, but it does not work well whilst driving. I imagine it would be fine if walking, which is maybe who they're catering to, with the subway directions and such. But that's worthless to me since I live nowhere near NYC. I must admit, Live Search is not always accurate either, though. As far as accuracy goes I still find that MapQuest is king.

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