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The messages program on my pearl tells me when I sent a gmail email from ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Question Gmail notification


    The messages program on my pearl tells me when I sent a gmail email from my computer. I KNOW i sent an email, I JUST sent it. Anyone know how this is doing it and/or how I can make it stop?

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    Re: Gmail notification

    1. Log in to the BlackBerry Internet Service account.
    2. Click filters beside the integrated Gmail account.
    3. Click add filter.
    4. Name the filter.
    5. Click the drop-down menu beside apply filter when: and select the from field.
    6. In the contains field, type the Gmail email account.
    7. Select do not forward messages to handheld.
    8. Click add filter.
    Note: Creation of this filter will prevent you from intentionally sending messages from the Gmail account to the BlackBerry device. If you want to send a message to the BlackBerry device, use an alternate email account.

    Additional Info

    Messages sent from the BlackBerry device using the Gmail service book are received on the BlackBerry device as new messages. They are stored in the Gmail Inbox as a conversation. The sent messages posted to the Gmail account by the BlackBerry Internet Service integration appear as new messages in the Gmail Inbox.
    Gmail uses threaded messages. All replies are added to the original message and sent back to the Inbox.

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    Re: Gmail notification

    what he said^
    sorry srl types faster
    Been a long while since last login. Sorry all, adjusting to a new life is great and hell at the same time!!

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