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Nice find, thanks!... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Re: Free Sms Texting - Honest!!!


    Nice find, thanks!
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    Re: Free Sms Texting - Honest!!!

    i'm having trouble using installed fine and all...i even sent a text message to my friend only to find out he never got clearly said that the sms was sent to the phone number...

    does the person that u r sending an sms using cellity need to have the program on their phone too?
    if yes, then it explains my problem.
    if no, then what am i doing wrong? for US to US sms messages, i tried the 10 digit number with 1 in the front and also 00144 then the ten digit number.

    thanks for ur help!

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    Hi Everyone a member of the cellity support team here.

    First of all yes we do encrypt our messages for the uses at the beginning of this thread who were asking.

    Here's how cellity freeSMS/Communicator works:

    For people to receive your full messages they must also have cellity freeSMS installed. Only the very first time you message a non-cellity user will they receive part of your message and a download link to install freeSMS. Please review how cellity freeSMS works below:

    Once you have the client installed on your phone you can send messages via GPRS to your contacts. If a receiver should not yet use cellity freeSMS, he will get a part of your message together with a notification about the download. Only after having installed the software on his mobile phone he can receive the full SMS.

    Therefore to send and receive messages you are required to open the cellity freeSMS program first. If the program is not open and someone sends you a message then you will receive an unanswerable phone call from the number 00496966102800 indicating you have a message. Now just open the cellity freeSMS client (allowing internet access) and you will be able to view the new message.

    More infomation can also be found at:

    TOP TIP: Add the cellity Ping number (00496966102800) to your phone book with the name ‘cellity freeSMS Ping’.

    Please let me know if you have any further enquires here or to our support team at:

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    ~via BB (

    So in another word...

    Both party has to have this freesms program in order to work

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