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for example I have Warren G's Regulators song from way back in the day. The ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Re: FlipSide v1.07 released


    for example I have Warren G's Regulators song from way back in the day. The album says:
    Warren G
    This D.J. [CD single]
    The picture for album art is out of focus and looks like a elementary school class picture of somesort.

    For Verve Pipe (freshman song)
    it has an out of focus Title of the picture. Looks like it says :
    Meus Discos Preferidos

    I have an album showing as Various Title.
    Its got two techno songs in it: It's a fine day, and I'm drowning. Also in the album, it shows Abracadabra by Steve Miller Band, as well Sister Christian by Night Ranger.
    The album art shows an old guy sitting at a desk and says George Martin at the top of the picture.?!?!?

    Okay and this one is just really funny.
    Sir Mix a Lot
    Baby got back
    Pic shows some old white guy holding an enourmous pair of granny panties.

    Told you guys I would eventually get around to it, lol
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    Re: FlipSide v1.07 released

    The Sir-Mix-A-Lot one is great.

    Another improvement to the software I think would be a rating system which you would be able to rate on the fly.

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    Re: New to this Board-Looks Cool!

    Ok what is flipside and another thing I'm sorta new here as well and I searched for a cheat page on emo's and can't find ne thing. Does anyone have a link or are they just like msn and yahoo emos? ~via BB (

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    im looking for flipside v1.2 for linux. i found flipside for windows but my server is linux. the game is TFC. can anyone tell me where the linux version is?

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