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I downloaded the facebook app the day it came out but when I go to ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    facebook app question


    I downloaded the facebook app the day it came out but when I go to facebook in the browser it still prompts me to download the app. Does anybody else have this problem? Does anybody know how to fix it? I ininstalled and reinstalled the app and that did nothing

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    Re: facebook app question

    Same here. I think it is always going to be there. Your personal links should be on the bottom of the page.

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    Re: facebook app question

    Yeah I get the same exact thing, I think its something to do with how they integrated the link on the mobile facebook site ( I believe its because the mobile facebook site is standardized regardless of the mobile device used to access the page. It would be nice if they had included the ability to make it go away, but i dont see this happening anytime soon.

    I hope this helps. I agree that its frustrating to see that option everytime.

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    Re: facebook app question

    Have you gone to Facebook on your PC? You can verify your mobile number from the regular site, and that may make it go away. I don't see it on mine when I open it.
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    Re: facebook app question

    ~via BB ( find that once the application is downloaded, go to download it and say that you do not agree with the t's and c's and then cancel the download HOWEVER if you ever do a battery pull it seems to appear again!

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