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I downloaded and installed the BBSmart Email Viewer, bought itactually, but I meant to buy ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    I downloaded and installed the BBSmart Email Viewer, bought itactually, but I meant to buy the Empower. They were right there together so I assuming I clicked on the wrong one but anyway, the BBSmart doesn't always show up in color and my pictures always come as attachments which concerns me because I don't feel I am getting what I paid for.
    I knew there was a difference between them or somewhat and the Empower looked better and I actually downloaded the trial to Empower and liked it so that is why I thought I was purchasing it.
    Now, after I noticed the mistake I made I tried downloading the trial again to Empower but it doesn't show up in my menu in my emails., so is there anyone out there who can advise me on what is wrong?
    The funny thing about it is this:
    When I downloaded it the very first time on the desktop manager it showed up as the Empower, but when in the email under menu it showed as BBSmart. The only thing I can figure is that the BBSmart installed over the Empower trial so not sure what happened, but I just want which ever one I have to work. I want to see the colors I chose and the pictures inline not attachments, or is that the only way it works? Also I haven't seen any options for smileys either, so if someone has any answers please help!!
    If I can't get it to work I was hoping Mobihand would switch them out, but I am sure it is too late for that.
    Oh, I have a BB Curve 8330 running and desktop manager is a 4.6.

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    jeanne4kats Empower is not supportive on OS4.5. That's why you were not able to find the download. But if you go to options-->applications, you will find it on your phone. As far as getting a refund. Goodluck with that.
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    So is it safe to say that empower is not ready for OS 6 for the torch.

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    I haven't seen much activity from Empower lately, I wonder what happened with them?
    Hope Ani didn't go android...

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