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i just bought cram and downloaded to my ohone but it keeps showing up as ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    cram isnt working


    i just bought cram and downloaded to my ohone but it keeps showing up as trial version and i cant seem to find the license and i think i have a number but its not going thru it keeps saying this when i press enter "could not connect check connection settings ugh but it will let me click on trial version why is that if i just bought the program help please

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    go in through the trial version and hit menu.
    there may be something in there that has to do with your connection.
    don't know never used it
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    When having issues with any software, I would always make sure to have the most updated version.

    As for the trial issue, I would make sure I find my number first, enter into the main screen where it prompts for the license number. Submit it and it should work.

    Did you ever contact Simpleleap for help? Did you check the FAQ/Support Page?

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