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I was interested in a piece of software that would help me fill out forms ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    I was interested in a piece of software that would help me fill out forms and input sensitive information while online. But since I jump from machine to machine off of my work machine to my laptop to my home machine it was frustrating having "that program" only work on one machine and the license would have to be coordinated between three machines.

    Well, solution found!!

    RoboForm2Go ( is a very cool application that you can actually save on your BlackBerry microSD card.

    Sounds completely unsafe, eh? Well, normally when you plug in your BlackBerry a prompt jumps up on your BB and asks if you want to turn on Mass Storage. Select Yes. Now usually for me, a box jumps up on the screen asking me what I want to do with that mass storage (Open with Windows Media Player, open as folder, etc), well, now it reads the RoboForm2Go application and adds it to the menu (most of the time! Sometimes it doesn't, in which case I open the folder and run the exe file).

    Anyway, go take a look at the application. It's very cool and very secure (encrypted and password protected).

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    Re: COOL Application - RoboForm2Go

    Hmm, this sounds interesting. I like the idea of taking apps with me on the SDcard. A guy I know keeps a small script application on a flash drive that fills in a info when he types certain keywords (example "2d" would generate "Tuesday, November 27th, 2007 4:37pm"
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