I'm using AIM 2.1.37 with my blackberry 8100 mobile and I use the Buddy info page (http://buddyinfo.aim.com) to read buddy away messages.
The mobile buddy list is basic and only says 'Away' and no icons, no matter what the buddy put as the away message.
So this Buddy info webpage provides me with the details I need.

However, there is a conflict.
When I'm signed on the AIM mobile and this Buddy Info page.
My buddy list on the AIM mobile doesnt refreshes the list and zeros out my buddy list. It turns all of my buddies to offline and I cant send or receive AIM messages, yet I'm still being shown online to my buddies. They think I'm ignoring them but I didnt know they were yelling at me!
My AIM mobile then gets stuck in Zero buddy list and all buddies offline for 3-5 hours. I tried everything from restarting pc and blackberry, many times already.