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I do the same, however I have a charger at my work.... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    I do the same, however I have a charger at my work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eazid View Post
    I am saying this from the perspective of a 8330 owner..... I leave Viigo on all the time. I have the update set to 30 minutes so that I don't have an issue with it updating a lot of dataat the exact time I want to do a task. I also have Gtalk and AIM on. Facebook etc. Battery life has very little change from this to not having them in the background. Data usage is irrelevent for me (unlimited).
    I'm in the exact same boat. TELUS 8330 here and my viigo, along with some other apps are always running in the background, and my battery life is great. Don't notice a difference at all.

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    i´m also running viigo in the backyard and it drains the battery a bit more than without.

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    I don't really notice much of a difference, I leave viigo running all the time. It updates every 4 hours. I also have gmail running in the background as well. I still get almost 2 days without having to charge the BB. I get a few calls a day on it, but constant emails and internet.

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    I leave Viigo running. I've found that its the only way it stays updated. When I closed it and reopened it would try to update and just sit there with a spinning hourglass for minutes at a time.

    Its the only program I leave running, all others I close when I'm done.

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    I have viigo running ALL THE TIME. For the battery life, I don't find it makes that big of a difference. It updates (depending on settings) every 2 hrs.
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