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Okay, I wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this with their Blackberry.... Downloaded ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Question Bubble Popper issues


    Okay, I wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this with their Blackberry....

    Downloaded the new Bubble Popper game from AIM for my 8330. When I ran the item for the first time, it asked for permission to access some features of the phone. App would not run without it (when I tried), so I just gave it permission.

    However, I noticed after installing it that it would access SOMETHING on my phone every few minutes - the "wheel of fortune" pinwheel would pop up quite frequently. And what's more, my battery life was seriously affected - the phone would barely keep a charge for the day, with minimal use. Made 3 phone calls one day, and the battery died after 8 hours.

    I've since uninstalled the app, and my battery life has increased dramatically. Has anyone else noticed this problem? And for that matter, what does AIM keep accessing on my phone to make the pinwheel show up?

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    I personally can't say about the effects of the game on my 8310, but I just wanted to say my piece on the matter.

    While I appreciate all the free apps & games, a battery or memory drain is unacceptable from established 3rd party developers! A new developer that's just starting out may have those issues cause of inexperience or translation issues and that's fine. I commend them for their efforts!

    An established developer, like AIM, though, should have higher standards! After all, they have the tools & the staff to test these things out before releasing them. Also, using these apps to gather data, whatever they may be, is unacceptable, unless expressly stated in BOLD letters in the EULA.

    Well, that's my opinion!

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    Same thing happened to me! It' un-installed now...

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    I downloaded it on my 8310 and my wifes 8100. I have had no issues at all with it, works fine.

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    Ask Pls!
    It works fine for me but really drains the battery life.

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    I didn't really have any problems with it, although I was leary of the accessing phone info part. But I found the game extremely boring and deleted it pretty quickly. It definitely wasn't worth the space it took up on my BB.
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