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Brain Up Feeling hazy and slow? Play Brain Up to train, strain, sharpen, and tickle ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Post Brain Up - Magmic Games


    Brain Up
    Feeling hazy and slow? Play Brain Up to train, strain, sharpen, and tickle your brain.

    Grey matter matters! Become the sharpest knife in the drawer with a gauntlet of challenges. Memory, visual, math, and word games work your brain in four different ways.

    Leading you along this evolutionary journey is Cortex, the game-loving alien with synapses of silicon. You start off as a lowly amoeba, working your way through challenges to gain an evolutionary advantage. Evolve and excel at the minigames to unlock harder challenges. Only a Brain Up master can evolve beyond human, into one of Cortex's brainy brethren: a Synapperon.
    I just downloaded the trial version and after only 1 minute o fplaying...I bought the full version ($7.95). It's a fun "game" that will give your grey matter a seriously needed tune up!!!

    Here's the link:

    Make sure that you select the your device before downloading!!!

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    Brain up is fun! I enjoyed so much I also bought breeders cup...Warning after the purchase of breeders cup (3 days ago) 10 min.later I lost everything on my BB!(Data wise) I had to call BB reps and my phone had to be re-set...what a pain the reps said it wasn't anything I downloaded but that my desktop manager was bad.1 hour. 30 min. My phone was working again but of course data was still lost. Didn't do much rest of day but the next day I went to work and started adding my contacts back..25 contacts later I figured I'd head home to back up (¤light blub in my head clicked on) all of my work so far, I wasn't gonna be an nimrod again! Anyway long ride home traffic etc.. Guess what nimrod did?? Got board and downloaded breeders cup again....and guess what happened?? You got it screen went blank again error code poped up again and for the 2nd time in 3 days I was back to square 1!! Anyways just thought I'd let everyone know, one nimrod in pinstack is enough!! . Lesa

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    Brain Up Review

    If you are interested, we posted a review with some screen shots of Brain Up at in October. - In-depth news and reviews about all things BlackBerry.

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    Hi Lesa, I really enjoy Breeders Cup. I have had serious issues with other Magmic games, but never with this one. I think that the more tp apps you have , its like Russian Roulette. And when you get a white screen and a JVM error, no amount of reset works, its out with the battery and wipe and reload....

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