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This all started because I used the Dimension Today theme with a totally black picture ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    This all started because I used the Dimension Today theme with a totally black picture as the home screen image on my Curve. The white text on the black background looked cool to me.

    Like a lot of others, I was disappointed that Tasks don't appear so I searched around and learned of Pocketday. Yesterday I downloaded the trial OTA,

    and began messing around with settings, and colors.

    Tasks are shown and can be created from the Today window. Cool, main issue solved. Make sure you have "Show undated tasks" checked in the general settings. Then you can simply click the menu button from the Today window, select "create new task", enter "get milk", click save and it's done. And it will be staring you in the face every time you look at your phone.

    Pocketday also has sections for missed calls, email, appointments, text messages, weather, stocks, and search. I may have missed some. I just have the personal, not the professional edition. You can upgrade later if you want. PD orders the sections any way you want, top to bottom. Hitting the spacebar expands the section if you have any missed calls, messages, etc. Hitting spacebar again collapses the section. Highlight an email, hit the spacebar, and read it entirely in an "Email Preview". Or push the scroll ball twice to have it open in BB mail. I have had a lot of fun with it since I downloaded it and it will be on all the time.

    There is an option to have PD return to the Today screen after 1 minute (or longer intervals you choose) from any other application. I have this checked as I do "Start PD on Boot", but the latter doesn't seem to be working for me. The theme still opens up and it is over a minute (see above) until PD opens. If I boot and then a few seconds later open PD it comes up immediately. I thought it might be because I had the trial version, which requires selecting "use trial" or "register key" when opening, but that was not the case. Any more experienced users know? I have set the left side convenience key for PD.

    Now to themes and such. I played around with the many color settings in PD and found that if I chose black in the Screen Setup area of Settings for each section, and then chose "Colored Outline" for the Effect in the Colors/Font setting (you can change section color in both), the text would be white on black, the effect I was looking for and similar to the Dimension Today theme I had been using.

    Note that when you choose black as the color in the Settings menu, it will make that section invisible in the Settings menu itself. They are still there, you just can't see the names of the sections as the text is black also. They will be in the same order as shows up on the Today screen, should you want to change something later.

    Things were going well, until I tried to change the color of the main title bar to black. That is where the date, time, battery icon, etc. appear. There is an option to change "Title Bar Color" in Menu>Settings>Colors/Fonts, but it only changes the color of the font. It became obvious (after a couple of hours and a search) that the title bar color is dependent upon the theme, which for me was still Dimension Today.

    I had never downloaded a theme, but I began a search for a black one. I found and the BoldNBlack theme, created by StevenInSTL, a giant of a man. Thanks Steven! Here's the link:

    Personally, I think it is stunning. Like they say, simple, yet elegant. I prefer it to the equally wonderful In-N-Out theme also found on the site.

    So now my title bar is black, like every other section except "Search". I can't seem to change the color from white on that section. I could remove that section totally from the Today screen if I wanted. Currently I have it at the bottom and I must scroll to see it.

    A minor issue when using this theme (or black PD) is the signal strength indicator appears in white just briefly and then disappears when in the PD Today window. Also, there is no voicemail icon when in PD, but I have read this is true of all third party software.

    The last pic has the three apps I have downloaded, unfortunately with their original icons.

    The BoldNBlack theme and Pocketday set to a black background with white text seems to me a great union that will not get old. I have learned a lot on this site since I got my first BB. I'm no expert, just felt like turning others on to this. Forgive any errors or omissions. Hope someone else digs it too.
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