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    BeamBerry & soonr combo



    Does anybody know how (if possible) to use beamberry to view content that soonr can access? I can access all my documents from my computer via soonr but I can't see anything. Can I use beamberry to do this?

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    Re: BeamBerry & soonr combo

    I have never tried.... anyone?
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    Re: BeamBerry & soonr combo

    sorry...donno the answer to ur question. but i have a question about soonr itself.

    my desktop agent is on, i made sure that the computer doesn't sleep or shut down after a while. but after a while (couple of hours, may be) i can not access my desktop from my bb anymore. it says the computer is offline. but when i get back to my desktop and it has the windows screensaver on. i move my mouse to see the desktop and then the agent says i'm online for so many hours. now i try to use soonr from my bb and it still says the same thing "computer is offline". if i reconnect my desktop agent, then i can access my computer files again. this seems frustrating to me. any ideas on how to fix this? am i missing a setting/option somewhere? thanks!

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