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    Question BB & Citrix


    I'm a brand spankin new BB user and had a hard time making up my mind between a BB and a Windows based phone because of Citrix and/or terminal services integration. Ultimately I went with my 8130p (form over potential function -I didn't want something as big as a Moto Q). Now I know there is a company out there that makes a Citrix Client for BB for $$$ but are there any open source or freeware apps out there for either citrix or windows terminal connectivity?

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    Re: BB & Citrix

    Not sure about any free ones

    Rove is probably the best bet for Citrix on the BB

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    Re: BB & Citrix

    I know its a little late, but I use vnc on my bb. Its free for the bb. Works real well, tho I have an 8700 and would love to see how it works on one of those trackballs.

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    Re: BB & Citrix

    I used the free one on my 8320, and while it was functional it was painful to use. Very painful. It uses the mouse, but as far as I could determine there wasn't any mouse accelleration, so moving was one remote pixel at a time.

    Logging in then logging out probably took me 5 minutes, but it felt like 15. Maybe useful for a remote restart of a server, but generally I'd rather tether and it'd probably be faster.

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