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For all those who are following this thread: I have sent two emails to Splash ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    For all those who are following this thread:
    I have sent two emails to Splash and received a generic answer that this was being forwarded to level 2 support. After that, I get nothing.

    One of the issues is that when you click purchase, it says Splashmoney for Blackberry: 9.95
    Then you click to Add to Cart and it then shows 29.95.

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    Thumbs up Ascendo Money

    I first tried another best-selling money management program (SplashMoney) and had lots of problems on my BlackBerry Curve - displays cutting off, amounts changing by one penny, etc. I then deleted the software and tried Ascendo Money. I now have all my credit cards and bank accounts set up in Ascendo Money. I've been a MS Money user for a long time, so I wanted something that would replace me being tied to my desktop, and Ascendo Money fits that ticket! The screens are clear and easy to read, and I've been running this parallel with my desktop MS Money program, just to be sure of data integrity. I haven't had any problems as all and have always been totally in balance between the two programs. I will soon be stopping my use of MS Money and using Ascendo Money on my BlackBerry solely moving forward.

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    Ask me.
    Quote Originally Posted by baseballkyle View Post
    hello SplashMoney developer(s) by hello i mean GO AWAY.

    Pinstack aliases - "hawkins", "pchukura", more are sure to come along soon i'm sure.....

    Take a look at the responses by "hawkins" and "pchukura". Both accounts were created yesterday, they made a few short posts to make the accounts look legitimate, then they post similar comments supporting Splash Money. To further cover their tracks, they say they haven't tried Ascendo Money

    Splash shouldn't have to resort to these kinds of dishonest tactics. They should focus their energies on fixing the bugs in their BlackBerry products!

    SplashPeeps you can't ban me from this forum, as you did on the SplashData forum for having pointed out the many bugs, unbelievable slowness and many shortcomings of SplashMoney for BB.

    You're right my account was created recently. That only means I am a recent BB user. I said I came from Palm. My post was legitimate and I an not affiliated with Splash in any way. I think that is rude that this is how new stackers are treated.

    Yeah I post that I like apps and themes. I'm a new user and excited about it. I am sure when you first got your BB and with all the new apps you are amazed and excited and like to tell others about things you like. Just because I don't have super poster status does not make my post less true. PM me if you want. I will tell you everything else I think is great.

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    This still doesn't really make much of a comparison. All I know is that I tried solash and could not get it to work with my bank even though it said it was compatible.~via BB (

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    I was a huge Splash fan on Palm.

    I truly hate to hear that Splash is treating folks this way. On paper, they should have a killer product. I wish that their list of banking institutions was larger, but the current list is decent.

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    Ascendo 's product is fantastic. You're not going to beat their customer service either.

    And this is coming from a former Splash customer from way back in the Palm days like Tre.

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